Minggu, 25 September 2016

Never Doubt

I feel to be the worst people when I know that my score of TOEFL it’s so low even far than my father’s score. That is makes my father can go around the world. I so proud of my father, but I was ashamed of my self.

I feel to be the worst people when I make other people were injured or hurt even in a small accident. I so sorry.

I feel to be the worst people when I ignore the people who love me. I was like that. I don’t want to raise expecations. Although someone once told me; “never ignore the people who love you, because you actually don’t want to be ignored by the man you love.”

At the time when so many my mistakes and I feel so bad , but still there is flatter me, love me, waiting for me, to sacrifice for me, I feel so grateful. :’)

I never doubt what happened to me from Allah will be lessons afterwards.

Oh, Iya,

Aku memang suka menulis caption, tetapi itu tak melulu tentang hati dan hidupku. Kadang, hanya sekedarnya saja. Maybe, in other posts I’ll tell about the miracles that happened in my life.

 “But, never doubt convince yourself

that ‘you’ are in my story is you,

who knew it was you?”

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Jumat, 23 September 2016


“Yang sabar ya;
Aku juga tidak tahu harus bilang apa;
Hanya tak ingin menyuburkan harapan;
Yang di hatimu kau tanamkan.”

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